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JFC Naples Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
Guardian Glass has participated in the project
NATO’s new southern Europe headquarters was designed by Interplan 2 and recently inaugurated in Giugliano (Naples province).
The area will house over 2,500 people and consists of a main area and two satellite areas that each have multiple buildings, such as the main complex, the community centre, the Italian command centre, the central-heating plant, the media centre, the building for the technical and maintenance support facilities, the press centre and other communication areas. The use of materials - aluminium, glass, and architectural and glass-fibre reinforced concrete - provides the common thread between the buildings, although the proportions are determined according to individual building requirements.
The main complex, at the heart of the whole facility, has six separate volumes positioned on the basis of an orientation analysis for the offices. Inside, the ceiling-lit corridors help disperse the daylight that, through a series of voids in the floors, reaches each level. A combination of daylight and LED lighting significantly cuts the energy demand and reduces maintenance costs, helping limit atmospheric emissions. The community centre is west of the main complex, housing restaurants, shops, a cinema and theatre, banks, post offices and sports facilities. The three above-ground floors and basement level are positioned to maximise the south-facing facades, creating a sort of step-like diagonal prism with a sloping sunscreen. The Italian command building, with three separate volumes linked by a raised walkway, is south of the community centre. It is characterised by its shape and the use of a natural ventilation system and large roof-mounted sunscreens to increase energy efficiency.
Since the entire design was centred on creating an economically and energy efficient facility, it was essential to adopt technologically advanced solutions and choose the materials carefully. For the glazing, the designers turned to Guardian, which supplied 7,000m2 of SunGuard High Selective SN 51/28 as this combines solar protection with low emissions. SunGuard High Selective magnetronic glass is an advanced technology that provides excellent energy performance while minimising atmospheric emissions. The actual glass used was Guardian ExtraClear™ as this provides very neutral colour transmission and reflection.

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