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Aza Aghito Zambonini has participated in the project

AZA is a general contractor strategically located between Milan and Bologna, two key cities in northern Italy. The firm specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and customization of façades for residential buildings, shopping malls, office blocks and industrial complexes. Over the years, the company has constantly striven to provide prompt, quality responses to an increasingly demanding international market, resulting in the company expanding to become an international group with offices in France, Luxembourg, Denmark and the United States. Today, AZA has built up a diverse range of technical and organizational expertise and know-how that it can use across the globe, although it never loses sight of its roots. One of the key decisions to keep AZA a global group with local Italian ties was to maintain all the manufacturing in Italy. In recent years, the group has gained particular international fame for its creation of high-quality glazed high-rises in which the company’s ability to innovative is driven by the experience acquired over the years.

AZA has developed particular expertise in the design and creation of building envelopes, with solutions that meet the latest energy saving requirements and technical standards by using cutting-edge technologies. The group also firmly believes in providing customers, right from the earliest stages of a tender, with the knowledge and tools it has acquired over time.

The approach has proven especially successful of late, with AZA involved in numerous major projects, including three skyscrapers that are due for completion in 2020: Tour Trinity in France, Infinity Tower in Luxembourg and Virgin Tower in the United States, developed respectively and at the same time by AZAfv, KYOAZA and AZAINT.

The results have boosted how architects and designers see the company and provide current examples of how a global group can guarantee local Italian design and manufacturing quality.


AZA Aghito Zambonini

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