Istanbul TV and Radio Tower
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Istanbul TV and Radio Tower

The New Landmark of Istanbul

Melike Altinişik Architects

Istanbul TV and Radio Tower
By Editorial Staff -
Şi̇şecam has participated in the project

Istanbul TV and Radio Tower is one of the reference projects brought to life with the innovative products of Şişecam Flat Glass that is among the largest flat glass manufacturers in Europe. The tower has already become one of the city's landmarks, for which Şişecam Tinted Float Glass Grey and Şişecam Laminated Low-E Glass were chosen, to provide low reflectance, effective heat and solar control, safety, security and noise control and meet the different needs of the project.

Architect Melike Altınışık describes the tower and the use of glass as follows: “The art of natural lighting allows the designer to use light as a design material, as well as shaping the space and creating extraordinary spaces. While the relationship between architecture and light is shaped by physical environmental conditions, the architectural space is created by limiting the space to surfaces.

In this context, glass plays one of the most important roles and the magic of extraordinary elegance in the space is hidden in its transparency. Light spatializes the space while enriching its function, and it offers an emotional contribution to the users.

Torre delle telecomunicazioni di Istanbul © NAARO courtesy Şişecam

The light creates a transition between mysterious shadows and sharp colors in the futuristic design of the Istanbul TV and Radio Tower rising 369 m, which resembles an organic natural system where elegant compositions are naturally processed and cannot be easily separated from the whole. The balance established by the trio of light, curved surfaces and mysterious shadows, the function of the architectural form and the space it encloses creates visual integrity in accordance with the character of the design. The tower offers an adventure focused on nature and landscape. The strong bond between architecture and light is highlighted by the glass surfaces which tell the importance of this material. In this adventure, the grey tinted glass forms a threshold between the exterior and the interior, while the thermal conditions are optimally provided for the users”.

Şişecam was founded in 1935 to establish Turkey’s glass industry in line with the vision of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. Today, Şişecam is a strong global player in the fields of glass and chemicals, operating in all core areas of glass production – including flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber.

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