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Finely inlaid marble

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Margraf has participated in the project

The city of Kazan, in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, is home to the Irek Mosque, a glistening white construction designed by Evgeny Bolotny on the Kremlevskaya Embankment. The lightness of color comes from finely worked cladding used both internally and externally, and it is carefully interspersed with decorations in different colors coupled with elements in striking blue. The interior cladding for the mosque was done by Margraf, a Vicenza-based company that can trace its roots to 1906 and that has built an international reputation through its research and technological innovation.

The combination of CNC technology and craft skill produced the most incredibly intricate processing and cutting of the curved Bianco Sivec marble slabs that clad the interior heart of the mosque. Against this striking white backdrop, the colored designs are finely and minutely inlaid. To ensure the materials fitted together perfectly, the precise angles for the cuts were calculated and produced using exceptionally precise algorithms and cutting-edge machinery.

The result: the vibrant colors of the inlaid floral decorations are exalted against the whiteness of the marble. The crown jewels of the decoration are Verde Imperiale and Verde Giada, two wonderful green marbles used for the stems of the flowers. The actual flowers were made with a selection of vibrant hues of marble, onyx and granite.

The interweaving of warm and cool colors produces the details of each petal, while the iridescent veins of the stones add dynamism to the whole design. Inside, Margraf was also behind the creation of the columns, capitals, archivolts and the high-relief decorations on the vaults.

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