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The Garofoli Group’s range of interior products spans from doors, its core business, to cupboards, paneling and parquet, providing combinations in customized and standard solutions that open the way for coordinating materials and styles. Such versatility is precisely why designers and architects often use these products. Solid wood is the essence of the Group’s products, synonymous with durability, tradition and solidity, but glazed doors are also ably represented, adding transparency, lightness and spatial continuity in a series of different finishings and decorations. The glass door range has recently been extended with new colors and decorations that produce some of the most thrilling solutions in the Group’s portfolio, combining light, space and materials in differing ways to match a client’s requirements. The floral, linear, woven and branching patterns of the acid etchings and etched decorations on a madras or transparent glass base create stand-out solutions where elegance and refinement are the order of the day. The metallic meshes are quite different, with a far more material, layered appearance characterizing all four versions (Spina, Seta, Rame, Gold), each suggesting fineness and color. The glittered sandblasted surface treatment - in bronze, neutral and smoke - is shiny and metallic, while the mirror options play on the harmony between reflection and transparency created by a highly reflective surface that, in certain conditions, almost becomes transparent. The three-dimensional Flute glass is undulated, allowing light to pass through, but simultaneously limiting its transparency. The glass in Garofoli’s new decorative lines can be mounted in a number of models (hinged or sliding) with a metallic or lacquered finish. The glass can also be used in the fixed models, perhaps to create large, charming glazed partition walls.


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