Secure Sanand factory puts employee well-being at the forefront
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India’s factory Secure Sanand puts employee well-being at the forefront

Concrete, corten steel and grey stone cladding create character

Studio Saar

Secure Sanand factory puts employee well-being at the forefront
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The Secure Sanand electronics manufacturing campus designed by Studio Saar proudly occupies a 25-acre site (101,171 sqm ) in Gujarat, India. Resting amongst 2,000 trees with a seasonal lake used for harvesting rainwater the open flexible plan of Secure Sanand includes three distinct zones within the site for manufacturing lines, employee recreation and for visitors. The human-centric factory consists of four structures — canteen and recreational center, manufacturing facility, reception building and utility bay. White fabric canopies cover links between the buildings creating sheltered walkways through the site.


Open flexible plan

© Ankit Jain, courtesy of Studio Saar

The main manufacturing wings consist of large open plan spaces enveloped by sawtooth façades that reference early industrial architecture, allowing natural light to infiltrate the working areas. A calming color palette combines white plaster surfaces, concrete and grey natural stone. The reception building is situated adjacent to the manufacturing facility and it is covered by a tilted open canopy that welcomes visitors inside. A canteen and recreation hub sits at the heart of the development, with beautiful views out over the surrounding trees, providing a relaxing atmosphere for staff. Exposed concrete dialogues with a characteristic corten steel entrance canopy.


Sustainable strategies

© Ankit Jain, courtesy of Studio Saar

In addition to the respect for nature within the grounds of the factory, sustainable strategies such as solar panels, high performing thermal envelope and an integrated floor-cooling system were employed to promote employee well-being. All major materials including cement, sand, steel were sourced from local sites. The project has been awarded the highest platinum rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

We were keen to demonstrate to our client how factories should and can be inspiring places to work and bring joy to the people that use them. By placing the canteen at the center of the development, we have been able to provide a place for workers to relax and unwindAnanya Singhal, co-founder of Studio Saar


Location: Sanand, Gujarat, India
Client: Secure Meters
Site Area: 101,171 m2
Architect: Studio Saar

Photography by Ankit Jain, courtesy of Studio Saar

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