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Contrasting Hues and Harmony of Elements


Inama 20
By Editorial Staff -
Mo.1950 has participated in the project

As part of a renovation and interior design project, the choice of colors, styles and furnishings plays an inescapable role in determining the new image of the space created. Sometimes art and material can come together in a completely new creation, where colors and shapes are deliberately contrasted to add a touch of contemporary flair without eliminating all the period elements. Such was the case with the renovation of Inama 20, a 90 sq. m apartment designed by chromastudio, where the redistribution of space focused on maximizing usable space while adding a colorful retro flair. The meeting of material elements and art takes practical form with the addition of works by abstract painter Giorgio Pasqualetti and furniture accessories by artist Paola Croci. Some of the furnishings were supplied or custom-made by Mo.1950, a company with over 70 years of experience in the contract and retail business, specializing in finding solutions to turn a project idea into reality, using its well-established network of top-notch partners, professionals and artisan workshops.

In this apartment, everything revolves around the 35 sq. m living area, which is dominated by a large, one-piece kitchen island in royal blue by Cesar Cucine and supplied by Mo.1950. The island’s distinctive color is echoed in the hallway that leads from the entrance to the living area, giving the visitor a slight taste of what is to come. Opposite the island area, a round wooden dining table and sofa in rusty tones create a contrasting play of warm and cold hues.

A pair of elegant Lapalma chairs and a custom sideboard by Mo.1950, in neutral shades, add the finishing touches to this room. The common denominator that links all the rooms is the use of neutral black, which is echoed in the other rooms by elements such as the console table in the hallway, a sort of filter zone with clay-red walls between the living area and the bedrooms. Throughout the apartment, the blue of the living area is evident, such as in the headboard of the double bed in the master bedroom and in the walls of the adjacent bedroom used by the owners’ child. The use of geometric shapes and primary colors, also found in this space, is always done to ensure careful balance.

The combined effect of the chosen colors and individual furniture accessories creates a playful, dynamic environment that never gets boring.

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