Immersed in nature and made to measure: Edison Lite
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Immersed in nature and made to measure: Edison Lite

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

Immersed in nature and made to measure: Edison Lite
By Editorial Staff -

Edison Lite, designed by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, is among 22 innovative urban projects selected by the City of Paris as a part of its Reinventar Paris 1 competition.

The project centers on a few simple but important principles: allowing future residents to contribute to the brief for the design of their homes; making 20% of the area common space, thereby offering residents access to spaces and facilities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them; and, finally, creating a green environment for tenants by incorporating a lush array of established and new plants into the design.

The building offers a kind of permaculture lifestyle, with residents growing a part of their own food. This, in turn, acts as a means to encourage people to participate in community, while promoting synergy between the built and natural environments.

Another cornerstone of the project is that the lush plant life in the common areas continues into the private residences. The outside of the building is glazed and has abundant plant life to create a kind of filter to mask direct views. The goal was to create a continuum between the residents and nature, with a planter in every single window.

As far as materials are concerned, the project follows the principle of “the right material in the right place.” The result is an optimized combination of concrete, timber, and metal. Wood is the predominant material (53%) in the façade. The building is organized around a concrete core (stairwell, elevator shaft, landings), with a series of concrete columns around the perimeter freeing the floors from structural elements.

An important innovation here is that 20% of the area is common space for residents. These shared environments are connected by a pathway that, from the basement to the roof, incorporates meeting points, therefore creating chances for residents to socialize.

Architect: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Location: Paris
Year: 2020
Photography by © Luc Boegly
courtesy of Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

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