Ikea Store - Camerano, Italy - Pasquale Piscitelli
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Ikea Store - Camerano, Italy - Pasquale Piscitelli

Pasquale Piscitelli

Ikea Store - Camerano, Italy - Pasquale Piscitelli
By Editorial Staff -
Promo has participated in the project

The Ikea store-design approach uses on a model that has proven, over many years, to be highly efficient and excellent at communicating the brand. The architect’s role is to produce a structurally sound design that appropriately inserts the complex into the surrounding area.
Pasquale Piscitelli designed the store in Camerano, near Ancona, and it is located in an old industrial area near the motorway and a busy main road.
For such stores, good access is essential, as these mega-shops are open day and night, throughout the year, generating a lot of traffic. In response, a series of roundabouts was built, along with a major underpass for the train and other work designed not only to ensure people could easily reach the store, but also improve traffic flows south of Ancona.
A key part of building this store, which stands on piers, was the involvement of Promo, a local company with national and international reach. Promo was able to ensure the client’s needs - especially its quality standards - were met, combining international brand recognition with local building and creative skills.
Promo brought its know-how to the table for the interior and exterior work needed to portray this unique brand and to produce the required functional features of the store: external cladding in sandwich panels and metallic sheets in Ikea colours; glazed façades with aluminium structural profiles; internal and external doors and windows; blinds and shutters with extruded metal profiles and aluminium sunscreens; steel and wooden staircases; steel and glass display areas; and other internal and external metal constructions.

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