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Idea, Project and Reality

Idea, Project and Reality
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Mo.1950 has participated in the project

Mo.1950 started life as a furniture store in the Brianza area north of Milan, and then grew into a major player in the Milanese contract and retail industries, developing numerous partnerships. The company is still family run, having initially been called – 72 years ago – Molteni Mobili, where the goal was and remains to make comfortable, rewarding and personalized living environments. This is central to the very essence of the business. Today, with the company into its third generation, Corrado Molteni is at the helm and he was the driving force behind the decision two years ago to blend the firm’s historical essence and the latest developments into a new internal organization with new branding. This was the origins of Mo.1950 and, at that time, the company also opened a multi-brand showroom on Via Molino delle Armi in Milan that has an amazing materials library with stoneware, textiles, wallpaper, wood, etc. This space is caught somewhere between a bookstore and an art gallery, bringing together all the materials from Mo.1950’s partner brands and creating an invaluable resource for architects, designers and clients. The countless colors, shades and finishes bring a tangible vision to the endless possible solutions and combinations for individual projects.

Materioteca, showroom Mo.1950 Molino delle Armi,  © Lorenzo Pennati Foto courtesy Mo.1950

Mo.1950's partners have grown over the years, bringing their own flagship stores to Milan: Cesar, Ditre Italia, Caccaro and Calligaris were the first, starting in 2010. Ten years later, the Molino delle Armi showroom arrived, designed especially for real estate designers and architects, and to house Ceramiche Caesar, Quadrodesign and Rexa products. For this project, the company worked with designer Matteo Lualdi of the lualdimeraldi practice, and such was the success it was decided to keep this winning combination for the concept store on Via Carducci inaugurated in April this year. In this case, the setting was a historical building not far from Milan’s famed Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio and the focus was on creating a living experience and improving living environments. For this, the partnerships were with Frag, Olivieri and Carpet Edition (as a technical partner) in an effort to produce an authentic residential experience. Customization was foregrounded, precisely as it should be in the future: “The centrality of the consumer is a constant and growing trend in the furniture sector”, explained Corrado Molteni. “The desire for unique experiences is growing, with the person at the center of living environments”.

Casa privata, Varese, Davide Conconi; © Davide Conconi Foto courtesy Mo.1950

The latest flagship store for Calligaris Group – a large, prestigious space on Via Solferino – is also a source of inspiration for residential and commercial furnishing solutions for professionals and private individuals. Designed by Studio Marco Piva and managed by Mo.1950, it is one of the bases from which to drive forward the journey through idea, project and creation.


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