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Hub Oltrepò Mantovano Recreational Center

Curving Glass Envelope

MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects

Hub Oltrepò Mantovano Recreational Center
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This Quistello recreational center, properly known as the Hub Oltrepò Mantovano, is a small place where children and teens congregate that can also be hired by individuals and companies. In the wake of the 2012 earthquake that hit central and northern Italy, Mario Cucinella came up with Workshop Ricostruzione Emilia, a project focused on creating five “pills of beauty” to help rebuild devastated areas. This project by Mario Cucinella Architects falls within the scope of this reconstruction effort. The formerly disused plot on the outskirts of the old town of Quistello, slightly south of the River Po not far from Mantua, was chosen and integrated into the surrounds through an express choice to use a completely transparent envelope created specifically for this design by Promo. The building is a single volume one-floor construction with a glazed skin extending for roughly 200 sq. m.
The interior of Hub Oltrepò Mantovano has two main spaces - 60 and 150 sq. m - and the exterior has a 2,000 sq. m garden with a mixture of paved spaces adjoining the building to provide additional room for hosting events. The structure might be completely glazed, but its energy performance is still excellent. Promo’s doors and windows have 10-mm thick exterior panes in a tempered, extra-clear glass,
a 16-mm argon spacer and internal panes that are also an extra-clear glass, but this time Promo’s 55.2 low emission acoustic PVB laminated glass. A scarlet colored system of blinds provides additional protection against the sun during the hottest times of the day and adds a decorative trait to the building. The search for optimal thermal insulation led to the entrance doors being buffered with double metal sheets with an insulating material in the middle. Such additions complement the doors and windows provided by Promo, helping to reduce the need for energy inside and making the spaces more comfortable to spend time in. This truly fits beautifully with the principles of environmental sustainability and informed designed that were at the very heart of Mario Cucinella’s thinking when he conceived the workshop.



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