Huascar & Co. bake shop: a vivacious design for a creative chef
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Huascar & Co. bake shop: a vivacious design for a creative chef

The new Huascar Aquino bakery in Manhattan

George Ranalli Architect

Huascar & Co. bake shop: a vivacious design for a creative chef
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Huascar & Co. Bake Shop is a small bakery on 54th Street, near 10th Avenue, on the West Side of Manhattan. Its design was the work of architect George Ranalli for chef Huascar Aquino, winner of Food Network TV program Cupcake Wars. The client wanted to keep this prominent location, but the existing premises didn’t meet his needs on the technical or functional fronts. So, within the space of eighteen months, the bakery was renovated both inside and out, with the dilapidated shop window revived and the interior remodeled to create an eye-catching display area and efficient kitchen.


Made-to-order restyling

The new shopfront, incorporated into the existing wood and brick structure, features neatly folded and tapered copper cladding with a smooth finish and several recesses with energy-efficient LED luminaires. Inside, marble countertops, stone floors, and a vibrant color palette give the bakery a modern look that mirrors Aquino’s creative offerings. Among his specialties, for example, is the PB&J cupcake, filled with grape jam and topped with peanut butter icing and chocolate glaze. In terms of layout, the interior was reorganized to accommodate a kitchen, bathroom, storage area, customer space, and display area. The customer service area, divided from the workspaces by a carefully positioned wall, is flooded with natural light from the large shopfront windows. George Ranalli’s design celebrates the vision of an independent, small-scale enterprise, interpreting the client’s aspirations and history in an authentic way, with a concept that underlines a commitment to quality and expertise.


Location: New York (USA)

Project by: George Ranalli Architect

Photos and drawings are courtesy of: George Ranalli Architect

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