MIDE Architetti: House revamp and extension in Abano Terme
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House revamp and extension in Abano Terme

MIDE architetti

MIDE Architetti: House revamp and extension in Abano Terme
By Francesco Pagliari -

This two-storey house in a relatively spacious and uniform residential area is typical of the type of housing built in the second half of the last century. This project focused on improving the performance of the building through the addition of better technology and installations and on adding volumes, with the consequent changes to the external elevations. There is no major change to the layout of the house, with the basic division of space maintained. The kitchen and living room are still on the ground floor, while the bedrooms - a main bedroom and two single rooms - and bathrooms are on the upper level. The shape of the roof was also left untouched. The ground floor extension was based on a desire for more living area and greater interconnection between indoors and the garden. The new, single-storey volume extends beyond the silhouette of the building and is an addition to the kitchen and eating area, reaching out into the garden. The use of glazing allows the interior to extend visually outwards and provides the connection point between the two. The extension also adds depth to the building, on the side opposite the entrance. The use of a blind wall made of exposed concrete defines the interior of this section, introducing a manifest contemporary feel and creating a key feature where the colour hues and vertical pattern left by the formwork create a direct comparison with the wooden flooring. A skylight cut into the roof of the extension not only provides natural light, but also highlights sections, especially the blind wall and the floor, by concentrating the light there. The external façades were also given a makeover, to make them simpler and more uniform. The windows were made the same size, emphasising the importance of natural light. The first floor balcony was removed and the building extended to make the elevation linear. This also resulted in the main entrance becoming incorporated into the actual structure. The garage is next to the entrance and marked by the horizontal movement of the aluminium slats.
Francesco Pagliari

Location: Abano Terme (Padua Province)
Client: Private
Completion: 2015
Gross Floor Area: 650 m2 
Cost of Construction: 350,000 Euros 
Architects: MIDE architetti
Contractor: Costruzioni Edili F.lli Tacchetto 

Structural: Stefano Paludetto
Technical Systems: Enrico Zara

Window fixtures: Valbor
Cladding: NIVA line

Photography: © Alessandra Bello

MIDE Architetti
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