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Didonè Comacchio Architects

House MD
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Mazzonetto has participated in the project

On the slopes of Mount Grappa, at the mouth of the Valsugana valley, stands House MD, a private home designed by Didonè Comacchio Architects. Situated on a hillside, the building appears to be built into the sloping ground, in an interplay of heights and overlooks designed to offer striking views of the natural landscape while providing ample privacy for the family.
The rooms on the ground floor all revolve around a central space, where the client can choose to display an artwork or, alternatively, a classic car from the family’s collection, thanks to the direct connection to the adjacent garage. The upper floor has the bedrooms and a small living room with a terrace that enjoys a superb view. 

House MD Alberto Sinigaglia, courtesy Didonè Comacchio Architects

The reinforced concrete house is clad on the outside with stone blocks, creating a stylistic link with the traditional local buildings, and with “ribbed panels” in Vestis Aluminum® by Mazzonetto, a company specialized in metalworking for construction, which for this project teamed up with Lattoneria Cerantola Gastone for the metalworking and installation. To provide cooling in the summer, aluminum sections, some microperforated, were used wherever possible to create a ventilated wall. The Vestis® brand is synonymous generally with products with high resistance to weathering, low temperatures, aging and ultraviolet rays, making it perfect for use in roofs and façades, as in this case. The roof pitches are actually in the same material, with a Cortex finish and installed using “The Skin Aggraffato” technique. This system involves joining the panels by overlapping and folding the flaps; in this case, it was chosen to facilitate the installation of the photovoltaic system selected by the client. Finally, thanks to Mazzonetto’s solutions, the architects could use metal in several expressive solutions, combining esthetics and performance to the benefit of the design. 

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