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Hotel Mountain Eden Selva

Hotel Mountain Eden Selva
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LignoAlp has participated in the project

Hotel Mountain Eden Selva in Selva di Val Gardena was created by enlarging and upgrading an existing hotel on the edge of this small town, near the Gardena river and the ski slopes.  

The design by Sarah Gasparotto and Paolo De Martin focused on low environmental impact, energy efficiency and natural materials. Starting from the surrounding landscape and the original architecture of the building, the new volume uses contemporary shapes and materials to reinterpret local building traditions. The result is a building characterized by the wooden structure of the three upper floors, housing the bedrooms, and by elevations with an envelope of vertical wooden slats. All of the woodwork was done by Damiani-holz&ko under the LignoAlp brand. This included the engineering, prefabrication and assembly as well as the exterior insulation, the fibrous plasterboard finishes on the interior and the waterproofing of the roof and balconies. 

The first floor is made of reinforced concrete and then the three upper floors house the bedrooms. This top section juts out slightly, with a structure made of both solid and light wood that has timber frame walls and fibrous plasterboard. The floors and roof use solid X-Lam panels, while steel pillars and beams reinforce the structure, which was designed to allow the future addition of a top floor. The roof is made with insulated X-Lam panels with a gravel look and a special closing system. 

Shading for the façades is provided with vertical wooden slats placed at variable intervals to form an irregular grid that lends the volume uniformity and lightness, while also acting as a filter between the building and the landscape, guiding the view. 

The panels are multi-layered and reinforced with spruce boards (39 mm thick) as this is especially durable, weighs relatively little and offers excellent size stability. Autoclave impregnation is used to make these even more resistant to the elements and to ensure they have a significant lifespan, even without major maintenance. 

Inside, the first floor is used for the hotel’s common areas: dining room, bar, reception, fireplace, reading room, sitting area and other relaxation spaces. The three upper levels have the guest rooms and use a flexible, modular system that provides plenty of natural light and views of the surrounds. The basement level has a garage, the utilities rooms and the wellness zone, opening directly onto the greenery running towards the Gardena river. Inside, wood dominates, both visible and plastered. 

The whole project prioritized on energy sustainability, leading to specific choices in the construction techniques, technology and installations. These earned the building CasaClima A certification based on the ClimaHotel protocol.



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