Hotel in AEV Terraglio District
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Hotel in AEV Terraglio District

Studio Architetti Mar

Hotel in AEV Terraglio District
By Francesco Pagliari -

The hotel stands in the AEV Terraglio District, a site bordering the Venice-Mestre ring road and containing another four building blocks grouped around a central square: three one- or two-storey buildings clad in dark-grey titanium zinc, and a transparent tower for commercial and management purposes rising to twelve storeys.
The hotel is formed of two main interconnected blocks: the hotel proper, a compact nine-storey building, and a low-rise plinth-style structure facing onto the square and housing lecture rooms and a restaurant – this last being connected indoors but with separate entrances from a courtyard.
The layout of the nine hotel floors is: on the ground floor the foyer, breakfast room and services (toilet facilities, and changing rooms for hotel staff); first floor hotel management offices; floors 2 to 9 guest rooms to a total of 128. Each guest floor has its service room. The technical plants are housed on the roof.
The main entrance faces north and is adorned by a cantilever roof clad in micro-perforated titanium zinc sheeting. The service entrances give onto the back yard.
Dark-grey titanium zinc, used as a cladding material and picking up on the surrounding buildings’ façade motifs, lines the groundfloor north and south elevations and the roof (where it masks the technical installations); it forms a smooth plain backdrop to the light-coloured guest quarters whose south-east façade is clad in silvery aluminium panelling.
Each panel bends in and out irregularly, setting up a play of light and shade which counters and breaks up the uniform window rows. The aluminium lining changes intensity as the sunlight shifts across it throughout the day or the weather changes. On a clear day it shines a silvery white; by night is goes a deep dark grey.
The whole site layout includes broad central pedestrian areas, a central square and a network of vehicle access drives with parking lots in the perimeter area. Apart from these dedicated outlying lots, there are parking facilities beneath the hotel, from which staircases inside the building lead up to exits at square level.

Francesco Pagliari

Location: Mestre, Venezia
Client: Life
Completion: 2010
Gross Floor Area: 6.660 m2
Construction Cost: 6.541.000 Euros
Architects: Studio Architetti Mar
Design Team: Lenia Messina, Monia Borsato, Elisabetta De Pieri
Interior Design: HNH Hotels
Main Contractor: Nadir

Structural: Gianni Rossato – In.Pro Engineering
Plants: Gianni Vescovi

Building System Automation: Honeywell, Vda
Lifts: Kone Structural
Work and Steel: Ofm
Reinforced Concrete: Costruzioni Ferrazzo
Floors: Firas, Legnostile
Carpeting: Stylmoquettes
Doors and Windows: Muffato Fratelli
Room Doors: Serramenti Ometto
Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Accessories: Eurocomponents
Gypsum board: Edilmar

Photos by: 1–10 © Paolo Manello 11–15 © Janos Grapow

Giovanna Mar 
Venetian-born in 1965 and a graduate of the Venice IUAV, she works as senior partner at Studio Architetti Mar Srl.
Over the years she has engaged in many building operations: public, private, residential, tourist-accommodation, management, commercial, industrial and manufacturing.
She has a tenured teaching post at IUAV Venice. Her own degree option of Architectural Technology made her especially sensitive to the application and use of sustainable materials, in which connection she has been a member of the “Green Building Council” since 2009. From the same year on she has also sat as Special Advisor to the Committees of “Sustainability” and “Relations with the University”. She has been Vice President of the Roll of Planning Architects and Landscape Conservators for the Province of Venice. Since 2010 she has been on the Board of Directors of “La Immobiliare Veneziana Srl”.
In 2005 she won the Concept Competition for an Urban and Landscaping Upgrade of the Residential Area Parco Fluviale di Caposile (near Venice) and was mentioned in the Venice Municipal Architecture Prize for her refurbishment of the Hotel Mary at Campalto (near Venice). The same year she won the provincial section of the Capocchin Award with her new TiFS Engineering Centre, Padua. In 2007 she got a mention for the same prize with her upgrade of Piazza Trieste, Montagnana (near Padua).
In 2009 she received an honorary mention in the Piccinato Prize for the Ca’ Foscari University’s new Mestre Campus, while she entered the Padua TiFS Engineering Centre for the Buenos Aires 21st Bienal Inernational De Arquitectura.
In 2010 she won the "Aree per la Cultura” category of the TDA Award with her conversion of the Palazzo Cavalli Geology and Palaeontology Museum, Padua.

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