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Astec has participated in the project

Hotel Concortel is housed in a 19th-century building in the heart of Paris, a short distance from Place de la Concorde and the Tuileries Garden. Inside, a private little courtyard with trees adds a sense of calm. 

The communal areas of the hotel were recently revamped using a design by NOOR Architecte d’Intérieur that drew heavily on how private Parisian homes were in the 1930s. Careful use of shapes, colours, materials, finishings and furnishings are all central to giving it a make over in the tradition and culture of Parisian high fashion. The use of vertical and horizontal lines gives the main hall a cubist dimension, with clad panels adding different textures and colours, without ever straying from the warm shades of gold and bronze. 

The luxurious, refined result extends beyond the mere decorative side, giving the hotel a clear, decisive identify. 

The exterior overlooking the inner courtyard is more colourful, with the effects of natural light overtaking geometrical rigour. The choice of materials was fundamental to the entire project, including the architectural bronze and copper alloys from Astec that help give the design a touch of light. 

To create a sense of harmony with the other materials, the cladding was given a special burnishing finish (called “a nuvole”) that uses a transparent nanotech protective layer that does not alter the surface aesthetics. This provides the panels with protection against the elements, without altering the essential feature of such panels: changing very slowly over time. 

The choice of architectural bronze and copper alloys shows that Astec’s materials can be used in numerous settings and are not limited to doors, windows and external cladding. They now find application in interior design as cladding, for stairs, panelling and furnishings, in both historical and contemporary buildings. 



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