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CEA Design has participated in the project

Opened in summer 2017, Hotel Akelarre is an essential addition to the historic restaurant bearing the same name a few kilometers from the center of San Sebastian, on the hills overlooking the stunning Bay of Biscay. The design by the Mecanismo practice included the creation of five parallelepiped volumes, clad in stone, housing 22 suites with lovely views of the sea below. Stone, metal and wood characterize the residential areas, relaxation space and public zones, designed to create continuity with the restaurant. Art installations and design furnishings add to each space, with impressive attention to every detail, from the choice of materials to the combinations and finishings. CEA taps are one such carefully chosen details. Marked by a crisp, clear design, they draw out the bathroom furnishings and, as they are made of AISI 316L steel, they are extremely corrosion resistant, even when the water is salty or sulfurous. They are a favored choice in the hospitality industry because steel is so hygienic and anti-bacterial, but does not require chemical treatment to maintain these properties over time. Steel is not only durable and resistant to oxidization, but also environment friendly and recyclable. This was important as it reflects the underlying concept of sustainability that inspired the design for Hotel Akelarre, with many design choices deliberately sustainable, albeit also technologically advanced and innovative.



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