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Hessing Car Dealership
By Editorial Staff -
BEGA has participated in the project
The unusual structure that incorporates a luxury car dealership designed by architect practice ONL Oosterhuis_Lénárd stretches a kilometre and a half parallel to the main motorway into Utrecht at a distance of only 15 metres to it. One third of its length along the embankment swells out to become a huge transparent cocoon containing the car showroom. Everything about this volume epitomises aerospace technology, yet at the same time has a hint of the archaic animal world. The 8,500 triangular glass panels cladding, the steel frame facing the motorway, are reminiscent of smooth shiny fish scales. All the materials, their colours ranging from white through grey to silver, shimmer without being garish, focusing attention on the automobiles on show inside. The lighting has been carried out with Bega products, chosen for their sophisticated technology, impressive design and ease of upkeep. All luminaires have white-light, dominant metal halide lamps, are protection class IP 65 and fully dust and insect-proof. The lighting for the showroom, or “cockpit” as it is called, is deliberately spectacular. Three light levels provide an enticing sense of progressive depth.
The first one comprises the symmetrically flat beam floodlights providing light onto the buttress and the outer glass envelope.
Two types of symmetrically rotationally floodlights set into the arched ceiling seam joining the northern glazed and the aluminium cladding facade in the second lighting level - high-power, broad spread floodlights with 250 W metal halide lamps provide brilliant illumination for the vehicles on the upper presentation levels. In addition power floodlights, with narrow beam reflector technology, sweep traces of elongated light over the ceiling areas right into the very back of the showroom.
The third type of luminaires is in the gallery: two recessed ceiling light sources illuminate the sloping walls, providing a non-glare backdrop to the cars on show.
The decision by architects and client to involve Bega right from the outset meant that lighting was an integral part of the whole design from drawing board to on-site execution.

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