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RÖFIX CALCECLIMA® CANAPA PLASTER AND RÖFIX CALCECLIMA® CANAPA FINISH  RÖFIX can trace its origins back to the late 19th Century in Röthis (Austria). Its extensive experience in the building industry combined with an innate drive towards innovation, listening and working with partners in the construction process, from design to building, has allowed it to create numerous efficient, lasting products. This path has taken the company from initially specializing in lime production, to become a malt and plaster supplier and, now, a building systems provider. Such development has never been at the expense of the firm’s proactive approach to seeking new solutions and applications for its products and services, holding tightly to its traditional traits, such as durability, versatility, technological and physical excellence, cost effectiveness, rationality and environmental friendliness. RÖFIX’s partnership with Schönthaler and Ecopassion is a tangible example of this, producing lime (NHL) and hemp plasters. Hemp is an ancient plant that has enjoyed a recent revival as its physical characteristics and durability have been rediscovered, seeing it used in numerous industries, including medicine, food, fabrics and construction. In the latter, hemp is now combined with lime to produce a range of new options. In the northern Italian region of Alto Adige, industrial hemp has been grown and used for this purpose for the last four years. A recent building project that used lime hemp bricks highlighted the need for a plaster that maintained the characteristics of the bricks and that, on disposal, could be recycled. This was the inspiration for RÖFIX CalceClima® Canapa Plaster and RÖFIX CalceClima® Canapa Finish. RÖFIX CalceClima® Canapa Plaster is made with hemp shives and NHL5 (UNI EN 459-1 certification), but no organic aggregates or cement. The resultant product is permeable to vapor, easy to work with and resistant, under the UNI EN 998-1 standards. It also hardens well even if the layer is thin. The alkalinity of the lime has an antibacterial effect that, when combined with the heat and sound insulation properties, helps make the interior environment healthier and regulate humidity. RÖFIX CalceClima® Canapa Finish contains large amounts of hemp, making it very easy to work and opening up a range of solutions. It is also very permeable to vapor. This new line of RÖFIX products is a further example of the company’s drive towards innovation and its determination to meet EU building guidelines: to use, by 2020, building products with low carbon dioxide emissions in the production and disposal stages.

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