Headquarters Coop Italia Consorzio Nazionale non Alimentari
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Headquarters Coop Italia Consorzio Nazionale non Alimentari

Headquarters Coop Italia Consorzio Nazionale non Alimentari
By Editorial Staff -
Pregeco has participated in the project
The new Coop Italia headquarters in Prato designed by Tecnopolis extends over an area of some 100,000 sq m - and is comprised of a warehouse building and a four-storey office block. This is the logistic distribution centre nationwide for the “non-foodstuffs” sector. It was designed with the utmost attention to cutting energy consumption. The architects opted for installations such as photovoltaic panels fitting flush with the warehouse roof, as well as PV panels mounted on a solar-tracking array; they also installed underfloor heating for the warehouse and overhead radiating panels for office heating and cooling, fluorescent lighting by class A electronic reactors, and low-transmittance glass windows fitted with an outside sunshield. The bearing structure, infill panels, windows and insulation/weather-proofing of the warehouse were the work of Pregeco, who also provided the “shed” roofing on which fits the photovoltaic system by Mitsubishi Electric, currently the largest of its kind in Italy. The installation covers the entire roof enabling 15,600 panels to be used - a total surface area of 20,840 sq m, divided into ten modules served by ten inverters themselves stationed on the roof. This produces alternating current and connects up to the medium-tension distribution grid.

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