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Hawkins\Brown: Who do we think we are?


The Architects Series – A Documentary on: Hawkins\Brown is the twentieth episode in the exhibition format series curated by the THE PLAN magazine for the Iris Ceramica Group. This episode features a lecture entitled “Who do we think we are?”, given by Russell Brown and Roger Hawkins, founding partners of the Hawkins\Brown architectural firm.

Founded more than thirty years ago by partners Russell Brown and Roger Hawkins, Hawkins\Brown is an international architectural firm with offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Los Angeles and Dublin. The firm’s collaborative approach is driven by a deep understanding of technological and multidisciplinary knowledge encompassing all aspects of design: social, technical, physical, environmental/political, financial, geographical and psychological. The Practice’s hallmark design process begins with meticulous analyses of social, spatial and economic aspects before moving on to create works that inspire a more inclusive and equitable society.

Recently completed projects include the twenty-year Tottenham Court Road Station improvement project; Here East, a campus for London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; ground-breaking headquarters and properties for The Bartlett UCL, one of the world’s top schools of architecture; and the restoration and modernization of Hackney Town Hall. Since 1988, the Hawkins\Brown firm has won or been shortlisted for more than 250 awards.


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