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Hairdressing salon
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Prefa has participated in the project
This hairdressing salon is in Ala, in the Trento area in northern Italy, on the road through the Lagarina valley. Designed by Krej engineering, it takes a deliberate step away from traditional brickwork constructions with pitched roofs, with both the irregular volumes and the choice of materials setting it apart from other local buildings. The salon backs onto a stone wall that was already on the site and has two above-ground floors, a basement and a roof terrace. Two sides have large, linear windows, although some sections of these are slightly shielded by wooden-slat screens. This transparency combines with the opaque architectural aluminium shingles, with a Prefa coating, on the north-west side. The P.10 stone grey of the cladding and roof tiles naturally lacks uniformity and creates a nice interplay with the other materials, as well as recalling the Alpine rocks in the distance. The rhomboid-shaped Prefa shingles are normally only used on roofs, but here they follow the pitch of the roof down to the ground, bringing a sense of dynamism and lightness. Sustainability to achieve energy autonomy was a key criterion for this building and, on the basis of local Trento regulations, it is in energy class A.

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