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Gucci Hub by Piuarch in Milan | THE PLAN
By Piuarch -

The redevelopment project of the old Caproni factory focuses on enhancing the stylistic features of the 1920s’ architecture and aims to transform this old plant into the new Gucci Headquarters in Milan. The abandoned industrial warehouses, covered by a shed style roof that lets zenith light flow into the interiors and characterized by modular structural bays, create through the spatial layout seamless interaction between the inside and the outside. The large hangar that now hosts events and fashion shows, and the new six-story tower, which interacts closely with the old constructions, stand out within the site area. Covered with a regular pattern of sunscreens, the new building breaks down the site’s symmetry and generates a powerful chromatic relation with the red-colored exposed bricks of the low-level warehouse. Pedestrian paths run between the buildings, which are mainly located on the ground floor, in a sequence of solid structures and empty spaces in which landscaping plays a key role. The large hangar is directly connected to the industrial warehouses, set out in a regular pattern across the site and featuring modular structural bays. It hosts events and fashion shows. Pedestrian paths run between the buildings in a sequence of solid structures and empty spaces in which landscaping plays a key role: running across the site and smoothly interacting between the old buildings and green spaces. The project incorporates a six-story tower in its industrial fabric of warehouses and hangers, which interact closely with the old constructions.

Location: Milano, Italy
Gross Floor Area: 30,000 m2
Completion Date: 2016
Architect: Piuarch
Client: Kering
Main Contractor: Nikila Invest
Interior Design: Alessandro Michele (Gucci’s Creative Director)

Structural: FV Progetti
Plants: Tecnoprogetti

Photography: © Andrea Martiradonna, © Giovanni Hänninen, courtesy of Piuarch

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