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GSE Global Solutions & Engineering: quality and innovation best practice at the Marchiol headquarters

Designed for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, the new complex in Roncade is the subject of a docufilm by THE PLAN Media House


The construction of Marchiol’s new headquarters in Roncade, in the province of Treviso, was managed by GSE Italia as an example of best practice in technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency. GSE Italia, a global leader in industrial construction, took charge of the entire process of creating this logistics and management hub, from design through to construction.

The headquarters of Marchiol, a firm specializing in the distribution of electrical equipment, combines a business center and distribution hub, with functions and architecture that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

The project is examined in the docufilm Sede Marchiol: una storia di successo firmata GSE (Marchiol Headquarters: A GSE Success Story) produced by THE PLAN Media House. The documentary features Valentino Chiarparin, country manager of GSE Italia; architect Alessandro Piaser, founder of Alfaluda, which handled design, planning permissions, and works management on behalf of GSE Italia; and Alessandro Lorenzon, GSE Italia project director.

Sede Marchiol a Roncade - GSE Italia con Alfaluda © THE PLAN Media House


Value engineering and integration with the landscape

The complex covers an area of 430,500 sq.ft. (40,000 m²), 376,600 sq.ft. (35,000 m²) of which is dedicated to the logistics hub and almost 53,800 sq.ft. (5,000 m²) to offices on three levels. In a rural setting, the project is characterized by the attention given to its integration into the landscape and the balance between architecture and the typical functional needs of an industrial building.

Fundamental to achieving these results was GSE Italia’s role as design-build provider, which saw the group overseeing the entire project and making use of an established supply chain made up of trusted local and international suppliers.

The project also stands out for its very fast completion time, with the complex finished in just 13 months.

As Chiarparin comments, “We began work in February 2022. This was certainly no easy period, with prices spiraling, the unexpected outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, and the resulting surge in raw material prices, ongoing delays in supplies, and a shortage of labor. But despite the unfavorable and uncertain socio-economic backdrop, the GSE group made the brave decision to continue with the procurement of materials and supplies, without ever shutting down the construction site. This was in part made possible by strong relationships with all its subcontractors. For the Marchiol project, we paid particular attention to the value engineering phase so as to compensate for the higher costs. We successfully avoided passing them on to the client and, thanks to careful construction site management, we completed the project ahead of schedule”.

Sede Marchiol a Roncade - GSE Italia con Alfaluda © THE PLAN Media House


Technological innovation and environmental sustainability

To minimize the environmental impact of the project, various strategies were implemented, beginning with the creation of a series of artificial water basins, intended to counteract increasingly frequent unusual spells of bad weather, and the planting of hundreds of carefully selected native tree species around the perimeter of the site. The design incudes an internal courtyard to provide adequate natural light to the offices and allow nature to enter the building.

The building itself was constructed using recyclable, eco-sustainable materials, and is powered by renewable sources. The flat roof has a layer of white polyethylene that significantly reduces the heat island effect. A photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof that will satisfy a large part of the complex’s energy needs. Finally, 32 charging stations for electric cars are planned to encourage the use of electric mobility.


Location: Roncade, Treviso, Italy
Completion: 2023
Building Area: 40.000 m2
Client: Marchiol
Architect: Alfaluda
General Contractor: GSE Italia

Photography by THE PLAN Media House

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