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Green Lighthouse
By Editorial Staff -
Velux has participated in the project
The 950 sq m Green Lighthouse campus building designed by Christensen og Co. Arkitekter and inaugurated in Copenhagen, October 2009, is Denmark’s first zero-emission public building, classified as category 1 according to Danish building regulations.
The inauguration of this new landmark for the Science Faculty of Copenhagen University coincided with the UN Conference on climate change; it thus forms an emblem of efficient cooperation between public and private.
The Green Lighthouse project hinges on the sun, its main source of energy. Orientation aimed to exploit sunshine to the utmost, bearing in mind sunray angles of incidence throughout the year. Other renewable resources are used in combination: geothermal heat pumps, thermo-active flooring, efficient use of daylight, ventilation, heating and cooling. Energy-wise the building fuels itself - a benchmark for sustainable architecture capable of looking to the future.
Velux Group is one of the strategic partners in the project. Their participation in Green Lighthouse is further proof of the Velux commitment to blending design practicality with reduction of the environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

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