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Shaping a Space with Adhesive Film

Studio Svetti Architecture

Graziella Braccialini Store
By Editorial Staff -
Pico Design has participated in the project

Pico Incentive was the original company specializing in graphic design and the application of graphics to vehicles using adhesive wraps. This has given rise to the Pico Design division, which focuses on the world of interior design, producing wallpapers, window films and furniture finishes. Pico Design’s approach, in particular its use of 3M DI-NOC laminates, makes it possible to flawlessly personalize any environment – be it an office, a home or a shop. These adhesive films open the door to novel and creative applications that, when introduced into the world of interior design, translate into effectively unlimited possibilities for customization. Despite a range of 1,200 patterns in the 3M DI-NOC catalog, there are always numerous requests for texture customization. 

Pico design brand of PICO INCENTIVE Gianluca Mantovani, courtesy Studio Svetti Architecture

One of the most significant challenges for Pico Design was the project for a Graziella Braccialini store, a luxury accessories brand. The company’s work focused on the need to add character to a space dominated by large white walls. Working closely with architect Emanuele Svetti, the creator of the concept, a monochromatic geometric grid was created, using a black film only one centimeter wide to decorate the walls, stairs and even the furniture and mirrors. Following a similar but different pattern, the vaulted ceiling has a curious upside-down chessboard. As thin strips of film were used on the uneven surfaces of the store – located in a historic building – it was essential that the craftsmanship was extraordinarily precise to ensure every pattern adheres perfectly to each wall. Pico Design team’s response to this demanding challenge was to carefully identify the best materials and application techniques.

Pico design brand of

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