Gravity 2.0, Building D: a landmark for new generations
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Gravity 2.0, Building D: a landmark for new generations

A residential building that combines privacy and socializing

HWKN Architecture | NBBJ Architects

Gravity 2.0, Building D: a landmark for new generations
By Editorial Staff -

Both from the technological and design points of view, Columbus has always had a taste for innovation and experimentation, with many of its industrial buildings transformed into artist and designer workshops. A similar forward-looking approach can be seen in a new project by HWKN Architecture and NBBJ Architects. Called Gravity 2.0, Building D, this accessible cohousing development with contemporary style is a new landmark in this part of the city. The main objective was to make the right to adequate housing a reality while also creating fertile ground for closer relationships between residents.

With over 100 apartments – most of which have a mix of common and private spaces designed to be shared with roommates or friends – the project is an important and courageous step towards a residential model that’s economically accessible and replicable in the future. Gravity 2.0, Building D is a response to both the needs of today and tomorrow. But it’s especially designed for, and targeted at, the new generations, whom the architects have worked to attract to the project from day one.


Mixing private and common spaces

Gravity 2.0: Building D ©Arc Photography, courtesy of HWKN Architecture

Within each apartment and throughout the entire development, there’s a constant juxtaposition of private and common spaces. As regards the former, the design has private bedrooms and bathrooms for each resident, but these spaces adjoin common living and dining rooms. As regards socializing, the heart of the project can be seen as its internal courtyards, one of which has a shared swimming pool, barbecue area, and garden.

Also, at ground level there are several retail outlets, while the levels above have common dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, a gym, and a meditation room.


Both outside and inside

Gravity 2.0: Building D ©Arc Photography, courtesy of HWKN Architecture

Gravity 2.0, Building D is a new landmark in its neighborhood, with its essential exterior punctuated by lines that are both geometric and sculptural. The neutral tones of the exterior are balanced by the liveliness of the interior, with colorful, bright furniture and greenery in several areas. At the same time, large windows bring in both natural light and the colors of the city and its buildings.

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Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Architects: HWKN Architecture, NBBJ Architects
Interior design: OZ Architecture
General Contractor: Corna Kokosing

Consultants & Suppliers
Architect of Record
: ArchAll
Landscape Architect: REALM Collaborative
Civil Engineer: The Kleingers Group
MEP Engineer: Prater Engineering
Structural Engineer: Korda/ Nemeth Engineering,

Photography by Arc Photography, courtesy of HWKN Architecture

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