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Gomila Mallorca

Bright Colors for Passive Houses

MVRDV + GRAS Reynés Arquitectos

Gomila Mallorca
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Bandalux Italia has participated in the project

Located near Plaza Gomila, El Terreno is one of Palma de Mallorca’s most emblematic and historic neighborhoods, famed particularly for its lively night-life in the 1960s and 1970s. After a period of neglect and decay, the area is once again becoming a new social hub where people like to meet up thanks to the investment of the Fluxà family, owners of the Camper shoe company. They commissioned MVRDV and GRAS Reynés Arquitectos to carry out an ambitious regeneration project. Known as the Gomila Mallorca, the seven-building development is nearing completion and reflects the eclecticism of the area. The heart of the project, the Gomila Center, is the result of the renovation of a building from 1979 designed by architect Pere Nicolau.
The first phase also includes work on Las Fabri-Casas, a complex of light blue townhouses, the vermilion duplexes of Las Casitas, a condominium made of rammed earth blocks, and the sustainable architecture of La Plaza. Two additional buildings will be added, one to be annexed to the Gomila Center and another bright yellow one. 

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Characterized by vibrant colors, each building is designed to make its own contribution to the neighborhood, combining innovation, creativity, practicality and sustainability. Energy efficiency is something that the architects emphasized and is achieved not only by using solar panels and heat recovery systems, but also passive climate control. Bandalux’s shades and blinds, designed to adapt to different climatic and design requirements, play a key role on this front. Premium Plus roller shades, which offer multiple guiding, drive and mounting options, and Bandalux Vertical blinds, which can protect high ceilings and irregular surfaces such as curves, slopes and stairs, were chosen for their versatility. In addition, Fit Box solutions, which can be installed directly in the frame of glazed doors and windows, and Bandalux Frangisole exterior blinds, demonstrate Bandalux’s ability to respond to the needs of architects and customize products to match the style and color of any building. The identity of each building is not only determined by the use of color schemes, but also by the fact that they have different uses, including 60 apartments of various sizes and numerous commercial activities, such as offices, shops, and sports and leisure facilities.

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