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Golserhof Hotel

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Golserhof Hotel
By Editorial Staff -

Nestling slightly north of Merano, the small district of Tirolo is home to a wonderful, relaxing, natural haven known as the Golserhof Hotel. Originally a farmstead with 16th-century origins, the complex was refurbished in 2018 to become the smallest superior 4-star hotel in the Merano area, with only thirty rooms, but two swimming pools, four whirlpool baths, a spa, a relaxation zone and a lovely panoramic terrace. The designers truly seized the opportunity created by the refurbishment to optimize the use of the outdoor areas, exploiting the stunning views across the rolling vineyards and orchards of the Merano valley, as the slopes rise into mountains. At the heart of this part of the project was the addition of a system of Vision pergolas to the 134 sq. m terrace, adding protection from the elements in pursuit of year-round usability. Yet, this solution was far more than a mere functional addition, as it brings a sophisticated, but minimal style that almost magically exalts the age-old charm of the farmstead and the more classic interior design. And the specific choice of Vision bioclimatic pergolas by Pratic - Italian leaders in the production of awnings and outdoor systems - provided precisely what the client’s brief sought. The Vision bioclimatic pergola offers exceptional adaptability through the ability to position the blades to match the local climate and desired conditions. For example, in the coldest winter months, they can be left fully open to allow in as much heat as possible from the distant sun, but when the weather grows hotter, they can easily be closed to offer precious shade from otherwise scorching rays. For guests, the enormous benefit is the terrace, a true highlight of the hotel, becomes accessible year-round, perhaps for dinner or breakfast while admiring the stunning surrounds. Vision’s crisp modern lines and the light grey color elegantly blend with the homestead, defining an ongoing relationship between past and present. In short, this solution creates outdoor spaces to enjoy in every season.


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