Global Farm 2.0 - EXPO 2015
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Global Farm 2.0 - EXPO 2015

Enzo Eusebi + Partners

Global Farm 2.0 - EXPO 2015
By Editorial Staff -

The northeast section of Expo 2015 hosts Global Farm 2.0, created by the WAA (World Association of Agronomists) and CONAF (an Italian agronomy association). It is a zero-impact pavilion designed to show how farming and the food production cycle have developed to the point that today specific digital and technological expertise are now essential.
The design was by Enzo Eusebi of Nothing Studio, which oversaw both the structural concept and the artistic design. It was based on the principles of generative architecture, using a modular 3D grid (4x4 m)
within which the shape and functions of the farm are organised according to the dictates of logistics and efficiency.
Such an approach moves away from the traditional “type” layout - characterised by a series of buildings around a courtyard area - towards modifiable, scalable organisations that can adapt to changes and developments in the type of production on a site.
It has an external bolted steel frame with load-bearing wooden panels clad in reflective surfaces, corkwood or vegetation. For the interior, 65 cubic meters of Italian wood, of various origins, was used.
Inside, the central area is dominated by a walnut tree, around which spreads a circular table. Known as the Table of Democracy, it is a space for the monthly round table discussions focusing each time on a different continent. The 24 case histories that form the concept of the Global Farm will be analysed.
Engineered and built in a mere month, the pavilion was constructed entirely by Promo S.p.A. using the Global Farm 2.0 design.
At the end of the Expo, once the pavilion has been taken down, it will become a travelling exhibition, encouraging in-depth reflection about healthy and sustainable food.


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