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Glassiled Uni, Halio, Fineo

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Glassiled Uni, Halio, Fineo
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Architecture and glass are an established partnership in just about every corner of the contemporary world. As the desire for natural light and increased “interaction” between inside and outside homes, office blocks and, well, most buildings has grown, glazing has become one of the leading building materials. This has invariably driven glass manufacturers to produce aesthetically pleasing glass that also offers excellent transparency, resistance, and thermal and sound insulation. Against such a backdrop, AGC has developed cutting-edge solutions for most project briefs, adding true technological quality to any room they are used in. The Glassiled range merges glass and LED lighting in a product line designed to bring life to a building façade. Glassiled Sign has glass with monochromatic LEDs for interior applications and façades where permanent design is the order of the day. Alternatively, Glassiled Motion is double glazed, with integrated monochromatic or RGB LEDs, each controlled individually, that turn the glazing into a large interactive screen that can display animations. Glassiled Uni is the new boy on the block in this range, with double glazing and integrated monochromatic or RGB LEDs that uniformly light up a façade, but without any constraints on light color or temperature. Glassiled Uni panes can extend up to 300x200 cm and are completely transparent, while significantly cutting energy demand. This glass is not only for façades, as it can be used for interior partitions combining privacy and light effects. The Halio range was a joint venture with Kinestral Technologies and it provides an interactive option, with a smart system that turns the glass grey, adding privacy and anti-reflection protection with sun shading. Halio can be operated automatically using the app or manually, using voice commands or the wall panel. The color change is immediate and it is possible to stop it once the required level of shading has been reached, meaning one can move from complete transparency to quite dark shading hues in a matter of minutes. The encoding and protection levels in Halio are more typically found in bank applications and it can communicate with the main operating systems used in home and building automation systems. Research and innovation were the keywords in the joint efforts of AGC and Panasonic that led to the recent development of Fineo, one of the most advanced solutions currently on the global market. Created with two panes that are a mere 3 mm thick - but with a super-insulating coating - and separated by a 0.1 mm vacuum, Fineo was designed to be unique, combining excellent energy performance with incredible lightness and minimal thickness. Fineo can also be used with AGC’s current range of multifunctional glass (to control sun shading, security, soundproofing and so on), and it should be a hit in both the new building and refurbishment markets.


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