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Videoworks’ unceasing commitment to merging technological advancement and customization has always been the driving force behind its range of innovative products for effective integration of home automation, audio-visual, entertainment and IT systems for homes and businesses. The company’s latest such project is a multi-functional, transparent adhesive film that can be stuck onto any type of glazed surface. Such technology can be used to make any wall seem alive, changing from see-through to opaque gradually or immediately at the touch of a button. This leaves the transparency of glass untouched and makes the living area less cluttered, as screens, projectors, interactive whiteboards, televisions and audio systems become unnecessary. Any type of multimedia content can be shown on the adhesive film and easily controlled remotely using special software created by Videoworks that has real-time synchronization capabilities for graphics and content using a touch screen or customized control device. This technological advancement, being able to shift from see-through to opaque, is a highly functional, simple privacy tool as well as a means for regulating how much natural light flows into a room and consequently the influence of the sun on internal temperature. The film is also exceptionally easy to install and can be placed on new or old windows. Videoworks can provide film to stick to a new window or create customized film to meet the specific needs and demands of the project environment. This effectively reduces the amount of work the client requires as specific preliminary work is not necessary. The product is already available on the market. It is anti-dust and has zero impact on the architectural appearance. Further research is being done on use in homes and businesses, with areas of expansion likely villas, mega yachts, the hotel industry, and corporate complexes.

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