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Gemini Center
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Omnitex has participated in the project
Architects Gantes and Morisi designed the Gemini Center, giving it 2 towers and 21 floors that look out over the entire business district in Lorenteggio, in the south west of Milan. Reply, a leader in designing solutions to use new communication means, has offices occupying roughly 6,000 m2 across 11 floors. The interiors were designed by Alessandra Litta Butté and Paolo Tatavitto. The space planning was based on ensuring the workstations were located in sizeable open spaces, while the ancillary meeting rooms and common areas were placed around the outer edge of the structure. The management offices and the training rooms are closed offices. All 11 floors use crystal walls to optimise the natural light in all areas, including the inner areas. Omnitex has provided sun protection that makes it possible to vary the amount of light let in throughout the day. The south and west-facing exterior walls have manually operated chain roller blinds that use a push fixing system that makes it easy to pull up or roll down the blinds. The chosen fabric was Verosol EnviroScreen 802, which has an outer aluminium coating to provide optimal protection from the heat and to filter direct sunlight to ensure a good balance between external visibility and the amount of light inside. This is possible because Verosol’s unique manufacturing process means the fabric removes glare on monitors, but does not hinder visual depth looking outwards. OMNITEX Via Francesco Ferrucci, 6 I - 20145 Milano Tel. +39 02 3492666 Fax +39 02 34931432 E-mail: [email protected]

Via Francesco Ferrucci, 6
I - 20145 Milano
Tel. +39 02 3492666
Fax +39 02 34931432
E-mail: [email protected]
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