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GARPELL Flaghship Store
By Menegazzostudio -
Giving a second chance to a building is, for sure, an actual topic. The aim is to avoid new concreting, focusing instead on the existing construction, reclassifying it and bringing it to a new life. The redevelopment of the actual building for commercial, residential and directional use, can be summarized in "urban regeneration", because it represents the chance to face some typical problems of settlement textures that need to be recovered. The goal it to redevelop the front of the existing buildings in a well-coordinated way with the design of the new buildings, obtaining a balanced and unique style of urban quality, destined to resonate itself and to bring redevelopment and regeneration to the surrounding housing area, with the realization of a sort of continuum of covered/uncovered pedestrian crossovers equipped with the connection green areas, also with ecological function, between the town main street and a high-density quarter. So a portico is inserted at the ground floor, with a facade above on the existing building, placed on two points for giving more free space to the inhabitants. The presence of this structurally "suspended" facade implicates the substitution of all the glass windows of the ground floor. So they need to be inserted sequentially all along the shop, and they permit the presence of an iron structure between a window/door and another. The facade will be in polycarbonate, a material chosen for its lightness and transparency, and will be sustained by a galvanized steel structured going through the North and West sides, and will permit also an energy redevelopment of the building, behaving as a element that is really strong from the architectural point of view and that is able to protect the fronts and the inner spaces of the building from the direct sunrays, avoiding the summer overheating.

Project: MenegazzoStudio
Anno realizzazione: 2017
Luogo:Camponogara (Ve)

Ph. Marco Zanta

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