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Galeazzi - Sant’Ambrogio Hospital

Comfort Through Blinds

Binini Partners

Galeazzi - Sant’Ambrogio Hospital
By Editorial Staff -
Pellini has participated in the project

The 94-m Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio teaching and research hospital rises above the other buildings on the former World Expo site in Milan. Designed by Binini Partners, the project develops vertically, with 16 floors above ground and a total area of 150,000 sq. m, in which the architects prioritized the close integration of the different functions of the hospital: research, higher education and healthcare. At the same time, they emphasized the importance of creating familiar, comfortable spaces for the people who will spend more or less of their lives within these walls. For example, an outdoor terrace has been placed around the floors where people are hospitalized, adding visual depth, while large windows allow in plenty of natural light, which really contributes to the comfort of the people in the hospital.

Sustainability was another cornerstone of the project, and the approach has already paid off: the hospital won the CNETO 2019 Award and is now a candidate for LEED Gold V4 certification due to its excellent energy performance. Achieving such performance required various technical solutions, including some from Pellini; specifically, 3,400 ScreenLine motorized blinds were installed. The shading systems are encapsulated within the insulating glass and are controlled automatically by a specifically-designed device. The slat angle can be adjusted according to the amount of sunlight, providing optimal light levels and thermal comfort while reducing the need for indoor air conditioning. In addition, the ability to control multiple façade sections with a single command makes it easy to maintain architectural uniformity, ensuring excellent energy and esthetic performance.

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