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Fraser Suites West Bay


Studio Matteo Nunziati

Fraser Suites West Bay
By Editorial Staff -

Doha’s Fraser Suites West Bay is a luxury long-stay hotel with 388 apartments, a restaurant, coffee bar, shops, wellness center, pool, meeting and conference rooms, kids’ area and nursery. Towering 50 floors, the interiors were designed by the Matteo Nunziati architecture practice in a merger of Italian design and oriental style that exudes harmony and elegance. The furnishings and finishings for the largest apartments and public areas were done jointly with various Italian partners, including Fiandre Architectural Surfaces for the vast range of floor and wall tiles used across the hotel. The Marmi Maximum collection (300x150cm, 6 mm thick) was at the very heart of the project, creating a power visual sense of continuity. The lobby is clad in Travertino Maximum stoneware tiles, with veining reminiscent of desert sand. The restaurant halls were refined with Calacatta Maximum, touched with Middle Eastern decorative elements, and the 32nd-floor lounge is characterized by the gilded nuances and veining of Gold Onyx Maximum. The Marmi Maximum collection merges large formats with lightness and durability, but little maintenance. The lightness has significant logistic, transport and installation benefits, and the thinness means the slabs can be laid over existing cladding. The durability and fineness of the texture add the extra touch that makes Marmi Maximum the perfect solution for the cream of shopping centers. The merging of aesthetics and performance is the ideal expression of the Fiandre corporate vision as the company strives for ever more versatile products that provide architects and designers with an effective, concrete tool for expressing themselves. The versatility and quality of the Marmi Maximum collection, backed by ongoing support from Fiandre throughout the project, provided another perfect expression of Made in Italy quality, exporting creative and manufacturing know-how.


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