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Foundation Eeugène Napoléon

Foundation Eeugène Napoléon
By Editorial Staff -
Secco Sistemi has participated in the project
The Eugène Napoléon Foundation is a school founded in Paris in 1856 at the behest of Napoleon III’s wife, Eugénie. It has continued to operate over the years and is still housed in the imposing complex in second empire style that it has occupied since its beginnings. In recent years, it has been restored and extended to a design by the Montauffier architectural practice. This included the construction on a veranda of two large new halls for a canteen. The new addition looks onto an internal courtyard and had to be in harmony with the veranda built at the same time as the original complex. These elements necessitated a building that could pick up on the lightness and elegance of second empire style, while providing the heat insulation and resistance expected of a contemporary building. To do this, the designers opted for Secco Sistemi’s OS2 windows as the visual portions of the structural elements are minimal, ensuring very little impact inside the historical buildings and aesthetic continuity. For the doors, the choice was EBE 65 as these offer excellent insulation, help reduce consumption and ensure high levels of mechanical resistance and stability. The latter features were especially important as the construction has to be able to handle the comings and goings of the school’s 1.300 pupils. The galvanised steel structure was coated in light grey to ensure harmony with the rest of the complex. It opens onto a rather lovely and large external terrace and, both inside and outside, it provides students with some very practical, safe spaces to enjoy in resplendent transparency, light and comfort.

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