Flash Battery headquarters: startups and office innovation
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Flash Battery headquarters: startups and office innovation

Studio Bocchi

Flash Battery headquarters: startups and office innovation
By Editorial Staff -

Over the last year, our ideas about offices have changed a lot. What with remote working, hot-desking, and the need for well-lit office spaces, a lot of what we took for granted has become just a memory.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every office has been transformed in the space of a year. But our need for greater flexibility and a better quality work experience has certainly accelerated a lot of the changes towards modernization that were already happening.

For some years, startups have been seen as the business model of the future, both as regards their typical approach to production and work in general. Flash Battery’s new headquarters, designed by Bocchi, is a good example of this in terms of the particular goals the project needed to achieve: structural simplicity for flexibility, cost containment and fast construction times, emphasis on company image, and the creation of pleasant, functional, and hi-tech work environments and flexible, well-lit production areas.

The design process began by taking simple shapes and subtracting volumes. The basic composition takes advantage of the prime location on Via Emilia to create a landmark that will communicate the company image.     

The office area was hollowed out in the middle to create a glazed atrium, around which the interiors were organized. The courtyard created at ground level is a green space used for welcoming visitors as they enter. The design’s vertical distribution of spaces, connected by stairs and suspended walkways, increases the sense of lightness and brightness, as well as providing users with views of the large light well.

Outside, space was subtracted around the entire street level, which is glazed and appears set back, disconnecting the upper two levels visually from the ground.

Inside, the open plan offices are filled with natural light. Workstations alternate with common areas, collaborative spaces, phone booths, meeting rooms, and breakout areas.

The flexible interiors feature movable walls, retractable screens, and work islands, which can be readily adapted as needed. The space can be easily transformed into rooms for training courses or other events.

Architect: Studio Bocchi www.studiobocchi.net
Location: Reggio Emilia), Italy
Year: 2020
Photography by © Atelier XYZ www.atelierxyz.info
courtesy of Studio Bocchi

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