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A Dialogue between Architects and the Industry


Firm-A is a project backed by the Order of Architects for the City and Province of Rome that involves numerous Industry 4.0 companies in the building and design sectors. It recently concluded its first cycle, during which the goal was, as a natural extension of the Order’s investment in training, to encourage exchange between industry professionals and the market to bolster research and development. In practical terms, in 2019 the project brought together a number of leading Italian and international architects with three top construction firms: Casalgrande Padana, Faram and Corradi.

Over the last year, the Order organized a series of events and top-quality training sessions that were integral to Firm-A reaching its goal of encouraging exchange and cooperation between architects and the manufacturing industries. The same companies will take the project into 2020 and they were also involved in the first edition of Settimana del Progetto di Architettura nel Mondo (SPAM) - Dreamcity, a weeklong festival in Rome of global architecture and architectural issues.

SPAM was not the only event though, with the Order organizing master classes, gatherings and top-level speakers to guarantee a high-quality ongoing educational program in which the focus is specific and advanced. During Firm-A meetings, the close connection between knowledge of a product and the design for a space were foregrounded, with participants given the opportunity to experience the positive dynamics inherent in the architectural and manufacturing worlds working closely together. The venue for these gatherings was Rome’s delightful House of Architecture, a strategic point that has hosted many national and international events in which scientific value is central.

For these events, participants could also receive training credits. Companies are selected to take part in the project on the basis of the quality of their products, their capacity for innovation and proven, lasting cooperation with architects.



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