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FIFA World Football Museum
By Editorial Staff -
Barth Innenausbau has participated in the project

The FIFA World Football Museum in Zürich was inaugurated in February 2016, an advanced multimedia museum that adds another interesting element to the characteristic Enge neighborhood. 

The design, by the Berlin-based Triad practice, focused on creating a symbolic location for soccer, representing the game’s global reach and appealing to fans from around the world while also telling the story of the key role played by FIFA in the history and development of football. This is done using 4,000 documents, photos and videos, and 1,000 pieces of memorabilia spread across 1,000 exhibits in a 3,000 sq m exhibition space. Interactive, multimedia displays allow visitors to explore the most important and salient moments in the sport, without forgetting that football is entertainment and physical activity. The Pinball exhibit is particularly important for this, as people can test their ball skills on it. 

The general contractor, Adunic, which was appointed by Triad, entrusted barth with creating and installing the display architecture for the museum. 

In specific terms, this company from Alto Adige in northern Italy was responsible for the special elements, furniture, monitors and displays cases. Most of the ideas were given concrete form using a specific, innovative mineral material that could be used to produce components with unusual shapes. For example, the Visions of Football audiovisual display has 8 m high LED screens that show the most important and salient moments in the history of soccer. For these, barth created The Rainbow, a motorized circular display in which visitors are in the center and look at the national jerseys of various FIFA members. The Cinema exhibit, where visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of World Cup finals and more, has a 180° panoramic screen with
cutting-edge technology. For this room, barth was responsible for the false ceilings, the floor, the fittings and the monitor. Last, but not least, The Timeline is an interactive exhibit for which barth put soccer milestones on display in chronological order. 

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