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Ferrari Company Restaurant

Ferrari Company  Restaurant
By Redazione The Plan -
Sistem Costruzioni has participated in the project
The new Ferrari Company Restaurant at Maranello forms part of a broader company upgrade called “Formula Man”. This began in 1997: it aimed to create a work environment that brought quality of life to the factory, attention to the workplace going with respect for staff at all levels for their part in running the firm.
The hanging restaurant pavilion designed by Marco Visconti is easily recognized as a departure from the geometrical rigour of the surrounding buildings. It rises on three floors, the top one housing the restaurant dining-room which is of double height, fully glazed to east and west and giving onto a spacious terrace to the south. Its versatile inside layout gives scope for many functional arrangements.
The roof in corrugated steel here rests on twelve laminated deal beams with spans up to 35 metres, supplied and installed by Sistem Costruzioni.
Sistem Costruzioni also made the oak panelling lining the twin metal staircases which lead up to the restaurant level, as well as the sun screening of motor-driven white roll blinds whose remote-controlled commands act on group or individual blinds. These last are in glass fibre coated in PVC. They give a diffuse natural light and their special weave enables one to see out through them perfectly.

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