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Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture

Fassa Bortolo International Prize
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The Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture is an award created and promoted by the Architecture Department at the University of Ferrara and Fassa Bortolo. The goal is to shine the limelight on the connection between the building process and habitat quality by pursuing cost-effective solutions, saving resources and protecting the environment. The ultimate aim is to find a more sustainable way forward for the building sector. 

2015 marked the 11th edition and candidates from 23 countries submitted 100 projects that were analysed by the jury composed of Thomas Herzog (chair), Philippe Samyn and Muck Petzet, supported by lecturers Luca Emanueli and Gianluca Frediani (secretary). 

The winner of the gold medal was Onomichi U2, a project to regenerate a warehouse in the port district of Onomichi in the Hiroshima prefecture. 

Created by Suppose Design Office, it revamped the structure and added in new elements to create a lively, functional asset for the city that will become a key feature of the local landscape. The building will have accommodation, restaurants, bars and so on for both tourists and locals. The levels of natural lighting, the micro-climatic comfort, the layout of space and the interior-exterior integration all help to create a quality environment and offer a model for how similar buildings in the area could be revamped. 

The silver medal was awarded to two projects: a secondary school in the Cambodian village of Roong by ASF - Architetti Senza Frontiere Italia ONLUS (an Italian NGO); and Casa DCS, a restoration project by Giuseppe Gurrieri and Valentina Giampiccolo for a house in Ragusa. 

The ASF project uses traditional materials like mud bricks and bamboo in conjunction with innovative building solutions and processes to create a simple construction that is within the technical grasp of the local unskilled labourers. 

Gurrieri and Giampiccolo’s work in Ragusa focuses on the space distribution and the complex dynamics with the old centre to create a functional house suited to the local micro-climate. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between respecting existing structures and adding new ones that truly improve the edifice. 

The jury also awarded honourable mentions to: the Malaa school in Nairobi by Susanne Gampfer and Stefan Kroetsch with students from Technische Universität München and from University of Applied Sciences Augsburg; Termas Geométricas by Germán del Sol; the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation in Laives (Bolzano, Italy) by Modostudio; the Krkonoše Mountain Centre for Environmental Education by Petr Hájek in Vrchlabi (Czech Republic); a Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan by Tamassociati; and Wim Goes Architectuur’s Refuge II in Belgium.


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