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Family Villa

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GMG Arquitectos

Family Villa
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uniform has participated in the project

Located in the hills rising above the Spanish coast at Benicàssim, this villa designed by GMG Arquitectos integrates and interacts with the landscape through a project approach grounded in sustainable choices for technology and building materials.
The single-floor structure develops across a C-shape that embraces a garden with pool and Mediterranean shrubland, fitting in seamlessly with the landscape and then extending this sense of harmony into the villa through extensive glazing.

Villa Unifamiliare © Ana Ferrero Fotografia, courtesy Tecnomar

These openings have the additional impact of not only creating a sense of porosity with the garden, but also allowing in plenty of natural light. The doors and windows – the key elements of contact between the inside and outside – are essential in this dialogue between indoors and outdoors, and in this project, like for all aspects of the building, they meet demanding energy saving criteria having been designed and created according to Passivhaus and bioclimatic standards. The net result is an almost net zero energy building (NZEB). To achieve an optimal blend of performance and esthetics, the uni_one standard of windows from Uniform was selected. The product is manufactured and installed by Tecnomar Ventanas Eficientes in various types, with both fixed and operable windows.

Villa Unifamiliare © Ana Ferrero Fotografia, courtesy Tecnomar

On the internal side, the Natura finish with an oak veneer creates a delightful connection with the parquet and wooden furniture to exude a sense of warm welcoming. On the external side, the white aluminum finish ensures water tightness and durability, but also blends in with the façade such that the glazing takes center stage. Wood is used for the counter-frames to reduce thermal bridges and carefully selected panes help block the sun’s rays in summer and reduce heat loss in winter. The uni_one wooden and aluminum window comes in a range of types that not only insert seamlessly into an environment, but actually become complementary interior design and architectural elements. The innovative structural bonding system makes it possible to minimize frame thickness and so maximize the glazed surface. Outside, the choice of aluminum reduces the need for maintenance, while also protecting the wooden interior, thus ensuring a more robust and durable product.


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