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Family House

Expansive Glazing, Light, Landscape

Wolfgang Meraner Architekt

By Redazione The Plan -
Finstral has participated in the project

Located in the Albes district of Brixen, in the South Tyrol region near Austria, this family home is on the outskirts of town and provides a contemporary reinterpretation of a local farmstead. The building was conceived by Wolfgang Meraner and it merges harmoniously into the natural landscape, flowing with the slope of the land to cleverly create space for a ground-level garage that is partially built into the hill. The walls at this level are built with stone, as per the local tradition, and provide the basis for the upper two floors, where the feel is decidedly more contemporary. The first level features the living area and the children’s bedrooms, while the main bedroom is on the top floor, crowned by a green roof. At the heart of the design brief was creating rooms filled with light and sweeping views of the landscape or, from the east terrace, of the town. As such, the FIN-Vista window wall, with aluminum profiles, was chosen. It is based on a mullion-and-transom system that is only 5 cm thick, creating plenty of space for the fixed and operable windows. FIN-Slide sliding doors were also installed, providing excellent thermal and sound insulation, along with FIN-Project hinged triple glazed windows with aluminum profiles, which also contribute to the excellent energy efficiency of the house. Classic-line was chosen for the profiles, with slightly rounded edges and softer, thinner lines than some other solutions. In the bedroom areas, given the desire for greater privacy, Slim-line Twin was selected as it has integrated adjustable slats. The cavity in these windows provides a 20% improvement in thermal insulation performance, and 100% improvement in sound reduction compared to a traditional system. Since Finstral’s products are modular, customization is possible to meet the precise needs of the different rooms in a house, without changing the overall aesthetics of the building.

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