F5 Multi-Purpose Building
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F5 Multi-Purpose Building

White and Transparent Glass to Distinguish the Façade

Damilanostudio Architects

F5 Multi-Purpose Building
By Editorial Staff -
FARAONE has participated in the project

On the outskirts of Cuneo’s historic old center, the first of a trio of buildings that are an integral part of an ambitious urban revitalization project – which aims to meet the burgeoning demand for housing in the area, while also providing additional functional, retail and business space – rises over an area of approximately 2,800 sq. m. Designed by Damilanostudio Architects, the F5 multi-purpose building embodies an ethos of environmental sustainability with a contemporary esthetic. Its architectural form – characterized by strategically placed projecting bands marking the different floors – is further lightened by the use of safety glass parapets from Faraone, a company specializing in architectural glass solutions. Inspired by the artistic legacy of Donald Judd, the building’s façades pay homage to his work through the integration of linear forms, culminating in a distinctive design. This effect is achieved by emphasizing structural elements through the interplay of different materials and colors, such as glass – white for the projections but transparent for the balustrades – and wood for the ceilings and floors to create a dynamic façade pattern. The use of Ninfa profiles by Faraone was essential to achieve the desired design: the glazed balustrade was conceived to rest directly on the wooden floor of the outdoor balconies and terraces, while white glass was used for the architectural projections between the levels. By choosing transparent balustrades for each of the units, it also optimizes the view of the surrounding urban area. On the ground and first floors, there are some offices and shops with independent access, while on the roof, in addition to utilities rooms and spaces, there is a system of solar and photovoltaic panels capable of making the building energy independent.

Via Po, 12 – I – 64018 Tortoreto (TE)
Tel. +39 0861 784200
E-mail: [email protected]www.faraone.it

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