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By Editorial Staff -
Paolo Castelli Spa has participated in the project

EY’s new premises, on Via Meravigli in the heart of Milan, merges architecture and interior design in an innovative vision of workspace organization. The design by DEGW - responsible for the interior design and space planning in this new complex covering three different buildings - creates a dynamic, flexible environment that adopts an activity-based approach to a smart office. The floor area in question is about 19,000 sq.m so it required careful analysis to ensure fluid, light, accessible and technologically advanced spaces. The choice of Paolo Castelli customized design furnishings was one of the decisions that adds value and identity to the spaces, using and combining materials like solid wood, metal, glass, Corian, and lacquered and laminated MDF. 
The work areas are spread across nine stories, but there is also a panoramic terrace. In total, 2,500 people can work in the building, using the offices, meeting rooms (of various sizes), communal areas and lounges, all of which can be reconfigured in relation to the activity done. 
Paolo Castelli created the counter, in white Corian, for the ground-floor bar, the office lockers and counter in the print office, in white laminate, and the pigeon holes, also in white laminate, in the postal area. 
The office areas, from the second to sixth floors, have especially notable info kiosks in the communal areas. These single-piece creations, in lacquered MDF, have no visible joints and combine, in one unit, a table with an info display and a seat. Paolo Castelli also provided the furniture for the meeting rooms, which vary between space for internal office meetings and for client meetings, conventional and informal - with tables and armchairs or small sofas. The single-piece bench tables are one of the more unique items of furniture (400x100x110 cm). On the fourth floor, Paolo Castelli was responsible for the furnishings for the library, with notable Swiss pine tables with a walnut wax tinge. The architectural project and furnishing design merge into the clear, light feel of each space in which the white of the walls and ceilings dominates the more neutral tones of the carpet or tile floors. This elegant uniformity helps make every space accessible and removes any sense of hierarchical division, opening up the building to collaborative working. 

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