Expo Gate, Infopoint Expo Milano 2015
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Expo Gate, Infopoint Expo Milano 2015

Expo Gate, Infopoint Expo Milano 2015
By Editorial Staff -
Stahlbau Pichler has participated in the project

Expo Gate is an information point for Milan Expo 2015 designed by Scandurrastudio. It is not only a symbolic gateway to the Universal Exposition, but also sits at the heart of a new public space in Milan strategically located near Piazza Duomo, the castle and the Arch of Peace.
Two glazed pavilions, shaped like truncated pyramids (41x15m at the base and 19 m high) with a steel grid frame, protect a central area that redesigns Largo Cairoli and creates a new space for people to enjoy.
The actual construction of this design soaked in lightness, transparency and modularity was entrusted to Stahlbau Pichler.
The envelope of the two pavilions consists of a load-bearing structure made with coated RAL 9010 steel circular tubes, while the glazed façade is set back from this outer framework and appears “suspended”. The ground floor is a continuous glazed façade made using load-bearing profiles in shiny stainless steel. The complete transparency provides an unbroken visual connection between the piazza and the inside, although curtains can be drawn if needed. The upper three levels are not see-through, with screen-printed decorations based on rounded shapes. The outer grid structure can support various means of communication - posters, screens, billboards - to allow the overall configuration to mutate as needed.
The entire structure had to be erected in very little time, especially because this is the heart of the city, with plenty of traffic and even an underground stop. This necessitated extra attention being placed on planning the construction phase to ensure simple, swift assembly processes.
The cooperation between the team specializing in stability at Stahlbau Pichler and the graphic model developers, with help from Redesco Progetti for structural aspects, ensured an optimal transition from study to design, which was vital to complete this construction in just 90 days.

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