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Paolo Castelli Spa has participated in the project

The first “Cathedrals of Light” photographic competition concluded during the most recent Bologna Design Week with the 20 works that made the finals displayed against the stunning backdrop of the old Chelini-decorated chapel in the heart of the regional capital. Organized by Paolo Castelli S.p.A., with support from Bologna Design Week, the competition attracted around 200 photographs, from Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Brazil, who submitted over 350 photos. Paolo Castelli S.p.A.’s intention with “Cathedrals of Light” was to make a clear statement of its commitment to local artistic and cultural heritage, creating an opportunity for new talent to express itself. The excellent response from professional and amateur photographers produced in a stunning range of visions, from landscape and still life photos to classic black & white images and digital creations, all tied together by remarkable insight into the use of light. The competition jury - headed by Paolo Castelli and made up by Flaminio Gualdoni, Walter Guadagnini, Marco Sammicheli, Selva Barni, Filippo Maggia and teachers from Spazio Labò - awarded the top prize to Solifugae by Valerio Spisani, an amateur photographer from Ferrara who works in Bologna. The setting for the exhibition - the old Ospedale dei Bastardini, a 16th-century hospital - was central to the success. Here, in a chapel decorated by Chelini in a local baroque revival style, the photos were displayed in a spiral of light leading up to a “rain” of luminous rays from the Allure Chandelier. The succession of images in such a setting created its own dialogue with the place. In parallel, along the lengthy portico that defines the main elevation, a stunning temporary display of three Kalì chandeliers was arranged, using these imposing lights from the Inspiration collection, with their gilded shapes of light, to draw out the magic of place. During CERSAIE 2017, the international ceramic tile and bathroom finishings fair in Bologna, Paolo Castelli S.p.A. also opened up, by invitation only, its Materials Design Labs, which is all about training and promoting a new product culture centered on business ethics and ongoing research. The focus was on trade professionals, although this was not the sole group invited, and they were given the chance to book the opportunity to touch a wide array of some of the most innovative materials from across the globe. To ensure the materials really are the latest, the company works with leading experts, including two lecturers from Politecnico di Milano, Milan’s famed technical university. This is one of the various ways Paolo Castelli S.p.A. explores artisan knowledge and the symbolic values of the past in the context of modernity, showing its dedication to creating products and activities that merge culture, innovation and elegance.


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