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Erco Technical Centre
By Editorial Staff -
The entrance foyer to the technology centre at Erco’s headquarters in Lüdenscheid is characterized by the high degree of transparency achieved through the use of extensive floor-to-ceiling glazed walls, which, at over 12 metres in height, flood the area with natural light. Particular attention was paid to the artificial lighting in the foyer, which the company uses to display its products to visitors. The original lighting design, installed in 1989, almost exclusively used low-voltage halogen lamps and PAR lamps for accent lighting as well as wall lights. The new design involved the replacement of these throughout with LED technology. This made it possible to achieve significant energy savings, while retaining the original concept of principally lighting vertical surfaces. While the warm, white light of the LEDs is similar to that of the original halogen lamps, the change to LED technology resulted in a 75 per cent reduction in the connected load. It also meant a substantially longer useful life of the lamps: while the average operating life of a halogen lamp is between 3,000 and 5,000 hours, LEDs last 50,000 hours. The natural light from the glazed areas was combined with Erco Wallwasher lights, which provide even, diffused lighting to the walls, while attenuating contrasts between light and reflections, and creating a lighting effect that has made lighting for the floors almost unnecessary. Accent lighting for the tables is provided by Logotec LED spotlights, with Spherolit technology and a characteristic ‘narrow spot’ pattern, mounted on ceiling tracks. The entire system is controlled by the Erco Light System Dali, which makes it possible to program the lighting to create the desired effects, while simultaneously saving energy through the use of movement sensors and adjusting light levels according to the intensity of daylight. The increased efficiency achieved with the new system will see the cost of the new installation repaid in five years.

Leuchten Brockhauser Weg 80-82
D - 58507 Lüdenscheid
Tel. + 49 2351 551100
Fax + 49 2351 551555
E-mail: [email protected]

ERCO illuminazione
c/o Edificio Sedici Viale Sarca 336F
I - 20126 Milano
Tel. +39 02 36587284
Fax +39 02 6437831
E-mail: [email protected]
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